Thanks Be!

How many of us sit at our kitchen table nursing a luke-warm cup of coffee thinking, “If I had/hadn’t have done… my life would be different.”  Well, when I was 19 I married a woman 30 that had two children and was unable to have any more.  I was married to her for 32 years and we had our good times and we had our bad times.  For the last 18 of our marriage she was disabled and she passed away in 2011.  There have been times I regretted not having children of my own.  It was a decision I made at 19 because I knew my wife could not have children.  Am I thankful for my life?  I am.  I have since remarried to a wonderful woman with 2 children (grown).  My step-children from my first marriage were troubled due to the horrific circumstances the turbulent hostile situation they emerged from and my step-daughter committed suicide at 16 years old.  Concerning my step-son his dad had custody while he was growing up and he has grown up to be his own man.

My wife now is very much a woman of God and she knows that she is God’s child.  When we married I told her she would never be number one in my life because she would always be second to God.  I also told her I should NEVER be number one in her life because that place should be reserved for God alone.  She is good with that.  She has great children.  Though they also came from a broken home their mom seemed to point them to God which was their rock and foundation.  My step-daughter preached at the church we were attending after my wife and I were married.  She and my wife went on a missions trip to Costa Rica and she preached there also through an interpreter.  My step-son was in the Navy and is now in school.

Scripture says in Proverbs 18:22 He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord.”  My life is so much more rich because of my Godly wife.  She is my companion, my confidante, my help-meet, my lover, and my friend.  She is someone I can depend on, someone I can share my life with, someone I can dream with, someone who supports my dreams, and someone who I can support her dreams also.  When she doesn’t feel well I hold her up in prayer, and she prays for me daily also.  

Thanksgiving Contest - What Are You Thankful For?
Five orange pumpkins sit in a row in front of a distressed, wooden background.

People are so fast to point at the bad things in their lives and say, “See how hard my life is.”  Though at times in your life it seems as if nothing will ever change life does change.  Each person, no matter their individual situation has something or someone in their life that enriches their existence.  I ask you to open your eyes and see the richness in your life and think for a moment how much worse your life could be.  So I ask you directly, who that is in your life makes your life better that you need to be thankful for?  Who makes your life more rich and full?

in the arms 6

It is often when we feel exposed and vulnerable that is exactly when we are in the palm of God’s hand.  We may not see it but it is THEN we must have faith and trust the Creator of the Universe.  Remember God is good all the time.


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