Create in Me Fresh Praise.

Lord, You are the Creator.  You are the one that has created all things just by speaking the word.  Astro-physist proclaim the “big bang” theory and I believe they are TOTALLY correct.  I believe You spoke the word and there wasn’t just a big bang but a HUGE bang.  When you consider the violence of creation it is mind boggling.

Lord, I pray You create in me new, fresh, and unashamed praise each time and every time I worship You, Lord because it is You and You alone that is WORTHY of praise.  Lord there are none above You, oh Lord.


Father God You are Creator and I pray you create in me a new and fresh praise today.  I pray, Father that You raise up a generation that loves and acknowledges You before the nations.  I pray You will raise up a generation of warriors that will stand as they kneel in prayer, Lord.


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