When God said, “NO”

gods-says-no 1

Have you ever wondered why God turned from Jesus on the cross??? Why did Jesus hang there and cry out to heaven, “My God, my God, WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME?”

I’ve listened to the high and lofty sermons, “It was because God had to turn his back on SIN”, and how it was at that moment the “sins of the world was placed on Jesus” Recently in service during the praise and worship I received a revelation from God, I believe.  Jesus, the son of man, was God in the flesh sent to remove the SINS of the world. In order to be a man He had to be able to identify with every man, every woman in all situations and in all conditions. How could we feel the complete love of Christ if He could not identify with us in EVERY situation? If Jesus had never experienced the desperate “aloneness” of feeling that God had left Him how could He know the desperate feeling in someone’s heart of one  that feels abandoned? Our relationship with God, in a large part, is shaped by our relationship with our earthly father.

Children with no father around, or an abusive father feel alone and seperated from their father’s love. Then with that shaping a person’s relationship with their heavenly Father in the middle of hard and hateful situations they EXPECT the Father to turn away and this person does as they have always done trying to work out their own solutions. Does God say NO sometimes? You bet because that is what is best for us. You don’t believe that? Ask Jesus in the garden when He BEGGED Father God to allow the “cup to pass from Him.” God knew what Jesus the lamb of God would have to endure in order to redeem all of mankind and through love God said, “No.”
gods-says-no 2People in the most horrendous situations feel abandoned by everyone, God included, and the crushing aloneness, desperation, suicidal feelings, and complete dispair is something Jesus had to be able to identify with.  It is at that point a person will either turn to God, or turn from God.  It is then that our faith in God must be the strongest.  I have had many challenges and losses in my life.  The challenges before my salvation had me by the throat and feeling everyone and everything was against me.  Everything bad that was what “God did to me”, and good that happened was a good stroke of luck.  I always thought that I was a good person and I had a good heart.  The things I thought I wanted wasn’t what I needed so God said no.  Each step, circumstance, and revelation lead me to the day of my redemption.


After my salvation I have been learning, slowly, how God is shaping me.  Like the water shapes the rock it is slow but steady.  It is my desire to seek the face of God and move my heart to His.  Jesus sacrifice at the cross has taught me to ask my desires of God, through prayer, and finish with not my will but Your will, Lord because You see what is needful.

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