Resting in the Arms!

Don't let go of God's hands

This week my lovely wife and I have been on our anniversary/vacation in Florida.  It has been a great week.  Some of our plans fell through because of the weather but when they did we made quick fast-footed changes and still had a good time.

Never refuse a ride in the car!
Never refuse a ride in the car!

The day we had planned a beach photo shoot that was 60 miles away from the room.  Went over had an amazing photo session in Cocoa Beach.  We start back to the room and here we are about 800 miles from home and the dreaded “check engine” light comes on!!  We decide we’ll have it checked at our earliest opportunity.  We get all the way back to Orlando and we stop in a parking lot to figure out our directions and I had cut the car off.  We figured where we were going next and started to leave.  You got it, the car says, “errr, errr” Not thinking about cranking but fortunately we had stopped in front of a pub and folks in a pub are usually helpful.  Got a boost went back to the room and parked it with the plans to check it out in the morning (I am one of those disgusting people who likes to deal with things early in the morning).  So, next morning I locate the closest Autozone to have them check the battery/charging system.  Checked it out and I had a bad battery.  Whew!  So, I replaced the battery and all is good in the world.  After the battery had been disconnected to be replaced the check engine light was out.  We were planning a 5 hour cruise that day leaving from Cocoa Beach then afterwards we were going to look/choose the photos.  Cruise was great.  Took my wife a little while to get her sea-legs but she evened out.  Then the photographer!  She had taken some excellent images.

We selected our shots, paid for the package and start out to go back to Orlando again.  Cranked right up but I again had a check engine light.  My wife looked at me and she said she saw my anger shadow over me.  After a few tense moments and me stopping to check out the car’s instrumentation it didn’t appear the charging system was the culprit.  She and I laid our hands on the dashboard of the car and prayed.  Then we drove straight back to where I had bought the battery because with the light on they could check the light.  The O2(oxygen) sensor was going bad and I knew I could live with that until I returned home.  The moral of this situation is I could have ruined our day and left a very bad memory on our anniversary week.  I thank God for the good wife I have that “talked me down” before I had an anger explosion that would have released my frustration but it would have DEFINITELY left my wife as a casualty.  I might point out what the enemy was trying to use to tear us apart God used to replace a battery that wasn’t really giving us an indication that it was bad.  So, then the enemy tried again and God had given me a Godly woman who used the wisdom God gave her to help me.  Scripture says a Godly wife is more precious than gold.  I’ll agree with that.

Godly wife 3

So, when your test come, and they will, before REacting in natural emotional driven ways trust in God.  Am I saying you will always drop into a calming sense of peace?  The answer to that is yes and no.  Yes because you will have the peace of God knowing you’re talking to your Heavenly Father about the problem, and no in that you may not always “see” a solution… But God does.  Rest in the knowledge that “All things work together for good for those that love God and are called according to His purpose.”  Notice it doesn’t say that “all things work out good” but if you forever praise God and give God glory even in bad situations your outcome will always be for your good.

in the arms

God is the Alpha and the Omega.  God is the beginning and the end.  God knows the end from the beginning.  God created the heavens and the earth.  Thinking about the expanse of the heavens and the one little speck of earth in that expanse but yet… God loves you.  God knows you by name.  Scripture says the hairs on your head are numbered.  It doesn’t say God knows how many hairs you have it says they are NUMBERED!  Have you ever seen a diagram of a machine with an “exploded” view.  Every part is numbered.  Every part has a specific place in the machine.  That scripture tells me that EVERYTHING about me is cataloged by God.  The hairs are numbered and God knows where every one of those hairs go on my head.  When I stop and think of the AWESOMENESS of God almighty the creator of the heavens and the earth I have to ask what is man that God is mindful of us?  Better yet what am I that God is mindful of ME???  God the master of the Universe is mindful of man!  The word “mindful” means that God has humans fully in His mind!  There is NO detail that escapes God’s attention.  So yes, we can rest in the arms of our loving, caring, mindful, magnificent, awesome, beyond comparable God.  Thank you for Your arms Lord.

in the arms 2


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