If you were given the choice to change one day in your life up to this point what day would you choose to live over.  I can relive it as it was before, or I can change it which will change everything afterwards.  I have been given a warning or it may be a promise to change a day would change my life completely.  So if I change a day in which something bad happened to me then even if everyday after the change progressed as it had before I would still be a different person than I was before.  I hear many people play the “would have”, “should have”, or “could have” scenario with their words every day.  If your circumstances aren’t what you want… change them.  If you don’t like your job… change it.  If you aren’t happy living the life you have… change it.  Husbands don’t try to change your wife because the only one that you can change is… YOU or change your address.  Wives don’t try to change your husband because the only one you can change is… YOU or change your address.

Think of your life for a moment and if you aren’t happy with it take positive steps to change it.  Positive steps aren’t running away from your family and responsibilities it is taking steps to improve your relationships,  by improving your communications, by improving the way you love people.  If you are married remind yourself why you proposed, or accepted the proposal and work back to that.  Positive steps are not quitting your job just because you aren’t happy in it, it is by improving your work relationships, it is by adopting the “Joseph” philosophy.  What is the Joseph philosophy you ask?  When Joseph was sold into slavery he honored God by living under the authority, AND working for the best for the authority he was placed under.  Even though Joseph was a “slave” until the day he died he ultimately became the second most powerful man in Egypt with only Pharaoh above him.  You may have to toil under task masters but if you are faithful to the authority, not just the “status quo” but striving to lift up the people and company you work for.  Sure, you will be called “company man” or “brown nose” or a bunch of other things but if you strive to do YOUR best then you will always be satisfied with YOU.

Our world changes rapidly and the ones that will be kept are the ones that are useful and supportive.  Don’t dread Monday but anticipate it.  Again don’t get me wrong when it is quitting time I go home to my wife because she is my family.  She is the reason I work.  I anticipate coming to work to do my best and I anticipate coming home because it is there I am at my best.  I try to give my wife my best but sometimes I am like a bull in a china shop.  I have always been the type person the best way to address a problem is straight ahead and full speed ahead, which has caused me problems at times.  I pay attention, or try to, and when I see my actions make my wife uncomfortable I try to rein the bull in but I have also told my wife me, being a man am not always perceptive and she needs to tell me.  I have told her from before we were married I am not a mind reader I need to be “told” sometimes.  So to live one day over, I don’t believe, would not help me at all.

So, if changing one day in my past would put me in a totally different circumstance today then changing today will place me in a totally different future than the one I am headed for.  I just change my day and make my future more focused.


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