Where is Your Attention?


What do you “attend” to?  The answer to that question can be different things at different times and different places.  For example when you are a teenager you attend to different things than say when you are 40.  As a teenager a major portion of your self-concept is caught up in what other people think of you, but by the time you are 40 some people have become comfortable with themselves and really don’t care about what people think.  Though there are a lot of people who never grow past the stage of having a self-concept that is determined by others opinions.

There are many people who have no real self-awareness because they are striving to get others to like them so they continually pour themselves into different molds to “fit in” to someone elses concept of what they SHOULD be.  Don’t get me wrong there are some situations in which someone else’s concept of you is important so you can provide for your family.  What I am referring to is shaping your opinions and actions around what someone else feels is right instead of making your own decisions about beliefs, issues, and concerns.  For example when you are “told” something if you believe it just on the word of someone else you are opening yourself up to be deceived.  If you hear something and research it before you accept it as truth you are being prudent in your actions and you are building a firm foundation for your beliefs and actions.

So, again I will ask what are you attending to?  Make sure it is something that is of importance.  If you focus on sports trivia that no one will even care about in a decade then you might be wasting your time.  If you focus on things involving your family true enough most people outside your family will not care but by you caring you are SHOWING your family how important they are to you.  If you pay attention to where you will be after this life is over that is also of lasting consequence.  Sharing your love with your family has significance to the generations that follow you and you are making an impact of your seed that you will never even see.  If you seek, love, and honor God you are striving for a better place.  I feel this life is merely a staging area for the life to come.  We are here to make a choice, make it wisely.  We have resources at our disposal, money, time, love…  If you spend your money foolishly you can always earn more money; if you damage your love relationships with work and effort they can be recovered; if you spend your time foolishly it can NEVER be recovered.  Time, once spent, is gone forever.  If it is spent foolishly it is lost forever, but if you invest your time in the ones you love it will grow throughout the ages.



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