When Change Comes.


I once was a person that would endure pretty bad circumstances just to avoid change.  My life was hard, but I knew it.  I was comfortable knowing what to expect.  How many of us are like that?  How many of us will continue in an almost unbearable situation just to avoid change.  Now I am excited about what each day holds because you never know what challenges or opportunities await.  Do not misunderstand me I am not saying change just for the sake of change is good but what I am saying is not all change is bad.

There have been times in my life when there were “dark times” that seemed to offer no hope of improvement.  Then everything changed.  There were days that seemed to just be a repeat of the days before and seemed to be endless.  Then everything changed.  There were days that seemed totally without point or reason.  I would get up go to work.  The same routine over and over.  The burden of life seemed to be a weight that could not be moved.  I once worked in South Carolina in an I.T. department in a hospital for a woman who was very driven by the job.  So driven in fact that her priority stack was, Job, performance, company, then maybe family.  Well, my wife was disabled and had been for a pretty good while and my priority stack was, God, family,  performance, and job.  I love South Carolina, especially the area I was in, Hardeeville about 20 miles from the coast and only 8 miles from the Georgia line, but there were days I would be driving to work thinking, “What in the Hell am I doing?  I hate this job.”

I kept my attitude upbeat and always attempted to carry out the request placed to me by the C Level Managers.  Before I had started working for the hospital the job of building the monthly financial reports had been done by my boss, but now it was part of my job.  I had been traveling back and forth between Hardeeville, and Nashville TN moving loads of my wife and my belongings in my pickup truck to SC over the 10 months I had been working for the hospital.  It was Labor day holiday so I took an extra day off to  rent a U-haul and move the rest of our stuff to SC.  Before I left for the holiday I had built the monthly financial reports and turned them over to the CFO for review.  After the CFO reviewed them the “normal” process was I burned them to cd and they were overnighted to the corporate office.  On the extra day off I took the CFO emailed me, and copied my boss and the email said the files were ready for transport.  She went to the CFO’s office and told him if he would tell her where the files were she could “take care” of it but the CFO told her He would rather I did it since I was familiar with the process.  I had moved the U-haul, unloaded it into a storage unit until we could sell the house in Tennessee and find a permanent house in SC.  The next day I was back at work in the hospital.  I prepared the cd and overnighted it to the corporate office.  Two hours later my boss and the director of HR came to my station escorted me back to HR where my boss fired me.  SC is a “right to work” state so there wasn’t really a reason given and I looked my boss in the eye and said with complete sincerity, “Thank you.” I was never so glad to NOT have a job in my life.

I have been working since I was 15 years old.  I’ve had many jobs over the years but I have only been “released” from one and that would be the one in SC.  I have worked with and for difficult people, but this woman was in truth a nightmare.  When things didn’t work out the way she wanted them to work she turned into a maniac and I am actually thinking she was bipolar.  At any rate I went to where we were staying and told my wife.  By this time it had sunk in I was without employment and I had bills to pay.  My wife and I discussed what we were going to do and came to no consensus that day so we decided to “sleep on it”.  The next morning when we got up I asked her, “So, what do you want to do?”  With a trembling lower lip she said, “I want to go home!”  So, I called Penski truck rental and rented a truck so big I had to stop at the interstate weigh stations semis use.  Everything I had moved to SC in 10 months I moved back to TN in 4 days.  While I was driving the truck, my pickup on a car hauler behind the truck, I was on the phone with my contacts in TN.  By the time I crossed the TN line with that Penski truck I had 5 job interviews lined up.  When I took the job I did in TN I had three offers on the table.  That is the reason it is important to build a good reputation because it affords you resource when there are no resources to be had.

So, when you look at your life and proclaim nothing will ever change trust me your entire life can change in the course of ONE day.  There is only one constant in life… CHANGE.  A job can end, someone you care about can pass out of your life either by choice or in death, the amount of change, and types of changes are beyond our capability of foreseeing.  Change in your life is actually a good thing because it shows life.  The only people that do not change are usually those that are beneath the grass and even those, given enough time, will change.  Embrace change because change is indeed our friend though many people resist change and their life is usually in turmoil because of that resistance.  If you are the change agent I will say this, the change you push for should always be pushing for improvement of whatever situation you are addressing with that change.  God is not the author of confusion so if the change you’re in the middle of is chaotic maybe it is the wrong change.


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