What if Tomorrow Never Comes?

if tomorrow never comes
What if you were so busy with your life… working, taking care of bills… taking care of family… living life large, so to speak… and you sit down in your doctor’s examination room and he sits across from you… your phone never stops ringing or receiving text messages and the doctor barges into your “endless” activity of life with the news, “you have cancer!” (Stop-sign) Whoa! What did you just say? The doctor says, “I know how important you are and the world just can’t do without you, but that may be exactly what the world is about to do. We need to run some test and see where we are and IF we can do anything.”

What would you do???

As you travel the interstate at 60 or 70 miles an hour, you thinking about your day and all you have to do and the semi in the lane next to you has a blow-out and in an instant you are standing before God.

Some will say, “Oh, I don’t believe in God.” You had better hope you’re right because making a mistake with eternal consequences would not be a good thing. Even the consequences aside, God loves you and desires you to be with God, not just desires but longs, wants in the deepest way, but God being loving has given you the free-will to make choices and will not revoke that EVEN if it means you CHOOSE to reject Him for all eternity. Our greatest love and hope in this life is God and we should press on for the prize loving the God that loves us. God is the greatest good in this world because God loves us “just the way” we are. God never changes. His love is eternal but our choices are what brings us to God’s love or turns our back on God’s love.

Love people, God does! Just sayin’


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